The "too privileged to wear a mask" girl

I can't post this on Facebook because it has too many words in it that would trigger FB's censorship bots.

Tonight, before going to the gym, I stopped at the 7-11 to get an energy drink.  I'm wearing my mask as always.   I see inside at the counter are three blonde girls.  They look like they are about to hit Fort Lauderdale to party.  

One of  the three girls is not wearing any mask at all.  She's blonde with big _____, so she doesn't have to play by the rules right?  Female + blonde = privileged right?

Anyhow, she sees me in my mask and nudges one of her friends.  I'm waiting outside the door now.  I'm literally waiting for them to leave before I will enter.

The door opens, and the three walk past me and the one without the mask says, "I really like your mask."    GAME FUCKING ON — I think to myself, and quickly reply, "I wish you were wearing one."

Now at the time I said it I didn't think of it as a slam — as if to say "you are ugly, I wish were you wearing a mask" but I guess the other two girls took it that way and bust out a laugh as soon as I said that.

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On Cancel Culture: Why hasn't Disney been canceled?

(( I'm writing this over here on LJ because it has too many "keywords" that could trigger the Censorship Bots over on Facebook.  ))

On Cancel Culture:

It's well documented that Walt Disney was a Nazi.  A fact that Family Guy often lampooned.

It's also documented that during the "Red Scare" that Walt Disney turned over the names of his competitors in a vindictive move to remove his competition.  And it worked.   A pretty awful and unjust thing to do.

So given what a terrible person Walt Disney was (we could have just stopped at the fact that he was a Nazi supporter and attended pro-Nazi meetings),  why has Cancel Culture never set out to cancel Disney?

Is it simply because Walt Disney is dead, so Disney gets a pass?

Facebook Censorship Bots Strike Again: 2021-02-02

I added a straight guy to my FB by accident, but I'm enjoying his posts. He's into tattooed girls and writes some really trashy posts some times.

So what happened? The Straight guy made a super trashy and funny post. I commented thanking him for reminding me straight men can be just as trashy as gay men. Saying we are equals. And then thanking him.

About 30 minutes later I got a notification of violation on my comment:

Facebook Censorship Bots Strike Again: 2020-12-27

I posted an animated-GIF for a guy running from a tower that was falling. It was silly... nothing to it. No one got hurt.

I simply added the comment, "Run _____!!!" That's it. A couple weeks after posting it, I got a notice of violation for it for "False advertising" and "fraud."

How to figure out which folders are using up the most disk space (on mac)

STEP 1: Install brew so you can have "gdu" Which is the GNU version of linux "du" on your MAC. As opposed to the BSD version (which has less options) that comes pre-installed.

STEP 2: cd to the parent director where you want to check the sizes and run the following command:
mac-book-pro: $ cd /Users

mac-book-pro:Users $ sudo gdu --max-depth=1 . 2>/dev/null | sort -rn
309957188	.
198188532	./sammy
90078488	./Shared
21678284	./bobby
6956	./special1
4920	./special2

And then you can just keep repeating the process to figure out where all your diskspace is being spent.

Gay men are openly persecuted and wrongfully put in FB Jail all the time for simply being gay men.

Here are the examples of the times I've personally been put in FB Jail for simply being a gay man:

#1 - Standing by a pool in a speedo... This one is crazy. First it got flagged for "Nudity" even thought there's no nudity. Then I contested it and won and got a statement back saying it did not violate any of the community rules. Great I thought, I'm good to go. But then I made an edit to the photo (upped the contrast a bit) and re-uploaded THE EXACT SAME PHOTO and guess what? Straight to FB Jail I went. EVEN THOUGH - it had already been reviewed and approved as not violating anything and EVEN THOUGH there was no nudity in the photo. Straight to FB Jail I went for the crime of being a gay man in a speedo.

Here's that post -->

#2 - Standing in my shower with swim trunks on. Apparently gay men in swim trucks is a trigger for the Facebook Community reviewers (in whatever bigoted country they are in). Because here we go again. No nudity in the photo, and yet again, off to FB Jail for "nudity" EVEN THOUGH there's NO NUDITY in this photo. Again, the crime of being a gay man on Facebook... off to FB Jail again.

Here's that post -->

Words that will get you put in Facebook Jail

I wanted to start a list of words or phrases that will get you put in Facebook Jail:

1- "evil Christians" - Not all Christians are good people. There's a section of Christians who are not good people. They could even be called "evil people." But if you refer to this section of the Christian population as "evil Christians" you will be flagged for "hate speech" and put in FB jail.

2- "dumb gays" - Again, talking about a subset of the population. As with any group there's a section of gay culture that are just... well... how does one say it... just dumb... really really dumb. These are the catty gays... the druggie gays... the loser gays IMHO..., but if you refer to them as "the dumb gays" - yep - back to Facebook Jail you go for "hate speech." EVEN THOUGH you are not talking about the group as a whole, and EVEN THOUGH I was literally talking about a group (gays) that I'm personally a member of and by FB's own rules it's not "hate speech" if you are talking about a group that you are a member of.... but didn't matter to the FB censorship bots..... back to FB Jail....

3- "white trash" - yep... this is a common one. Apparently you can no longer say "white trash" on Facebook. I just had a friend of mine get put in FB jail for using the phrase "white trash" in a post. Off the FB Jail he went.

4- "boys stink" - You would think that would be an easy one and not cause any problems right? Wrong... not to the Facebook Bots.. that's gender bias to the FB bots. I know of at least one lesbian who was obviously being sarcastic and satirical when they wrote "boys stink" but the FB Censorship bots have no ability to detect satire... so off to FB Jail she went.

5- "men are trash".... One guy said, "I said men are trash but I wrote it out m*n and still got called out for hate speech." So even changing when changing the letters from "men" to "m*n" and he still got put in FB jail.

Add more in the comments please.