December 29th, 2015

Review of "The Final Girls"

I watched "The Final Girls" last night and really enjoyed it. It's part of this new genre of what I'm calling "meta-horror" movies that are not really horror movies but more thoughtful post-modern (if you will) views on classic horror movies.
Examples of "meta-horror" movies would be "Cabin in the Woods", "It Follows", "The Final Girls", and even back to "Scream." Some are more self aware than others. For example, "The Final Girls" is completely self aware that it's breaking down the components of a class horror movie and using them to the advantage of the heroes. The heroes know they are trapped in a horror movie.
"Cabin in the Woods" was completely meta-horror. You have to be a fan of horror movies to even understand all the references in the movie. Plus like the board in the control room is a list of horror movie archetypes.
Even "Scream" was meta-horror as they broke down for you the plot points of a horror movie.
But "It Follows" was different. "It Follows" was meta-horror, but it didn't throw it in your face. The characters were not aware they were in a horror movie. But it was meta-horror because it was playing on the archetypes of a classic horror movie. For example, a person who has sex in a horror movie is going to die. Well that's like the whole plot line of "It Follows."
So did I like "The Final Girls." Yes. Very enjoyable for a horror movie fan. Would everyone like "The Final Girls?" Probably not. But I'd still watch it again.