June 25th, 2016

Rules for Playing Juggernaut(s): A Solitary Game for Magic


Rules for Playing Juggernaut(s):

1- Both players start with 20 life points

2- There's only 1 Library and only 1 Graveyard (yours).  So if anything says to put a card on top or bottom of opponents library, it goes on the top or bottom of your library instead.  And if you kill an opponents creature it goes into your graveyard.

3- The opponent does not start playing until turn #3.

4- You go first.  :)

5- When an opponent summons a Juggernaut it is a 5/3 Artifact Creature with "Juggernaut attacks each turn if able. Juggernaut can't be blocked by Walls." and is denoted by taking the top card off your library and placing it face down on the opponent's side.  Juggernauts in this game have Haste.

6- On your opponent's turn, you role a d6 a take the following actions:

  1. Do nothing

  2. Opponent Summons a Juggernaut

  3. Discard your hand (yes, your whole hand)

  4. Opponent Summons a Juggernaut

  5. Opponent forces you to sacrifice a creature.   Then roll again.

  6. Opponent Summons a Juggernaut