July 31st, 2016

Setting up CentOS 6.8 in VirtualBox

Setting up CentOS 6.8 in VirtualBox

1- Install VirtualBox 5.1.2


2- Install VirtualBox 5.1.2 Oracle VM VirtualBox Extension Pack


3- Download CentOS 6.8 image for VirtualBox


Option A) Uncompress image using  Unarchiver

Download "Unarchiver" and use it to extract the image: http://unarchiver.c3.cx/unarchiver

Option B) Uncompress image using p7zip

Install Xcode (needed for HomeBrew)

And if you don't have Xcode installed... you'll need to install Xcode (smile)


Install HomeBrew

If you don't have "HomeBrew" installed, you'll need to install HomeBrew.


Install p7zip

If you don't have 7z tools installed you'll need to install them with brew:

brew install p7zip

Uncompress the image

cd ~/Downloads/
7za e CentOS_6.8-VB-32bit.7z

4- Launch the downloaded image inside of VirtualBox

5- Install the VirtualBox Guest Additions into the Guest OS


Note: you will need to be root.  If you "sudo su -" fails, then "ssh 0 -l root"

6- Reboot

sudo reboot

------------ Once you have the above working -----------------

7- Switch to Bridged Adapter

After you get everything up and running switch to Bridged Adapter, and restart your VM.

(This way you can ssh from the host to the guest via the guest IP address).