May 19th, 2020

Facebook Bots are out of control on Facebook right now (wrongfully placing people in Facebook Jail)

Be careful what you post on facebook right now, since Facebook has released the bots and is not allowed "appeals" for Facebook Jail due to staffing issues due to COVID19. So in other words bots are reading your posts and deciding who's going into Facebook Jail.

I know a lot of people in the last week who've gone to Facebook Jail (myself included):

1- A lesbian wrote a sarcastic post simply saying, "Boys stink." and she went into Facebook Jail because gender is a protected category.

2- A friend of mine posted a Trump meme, and called out Trumpsters for being idiots and he was put in Facebook Jail for "diminishing" another group.

3- I got put in facebook for saying "the dumb gays" in reference to members of the gay community who are not smart.  I was put in Facebook Jail for "hate speech" even though I myself am gay.

So be careful what you post on Facebook right now!