June 23rd, 2020

Gay men are openly persecuted and wrongfully put in FB Jail all the time for simply being gay men.

Here are the examples of the times I've personally been put in FB Jail for simply being a gay man:

#1 - Standing by a pool in a speedo... This one is crazy. First it got flagged for "Nudity" even thought there's no nudity. Then I contested it and won and got a statement back saying it did not violate any of the community rules. Great I thought, I'm good to go. But then I made an edit to the photo (upped the contrast a bit) and re-uploaded THE EXACT SAME PHOTO and guess what? Straight to FB Jail I went. EVEN THOUGH - it had already been reviewed and approved as not violating anything and EVEN THOUGH there was no nudity in the photo. Straight to FB Jail I went for the crime of being a gay man in a speedo.

Here's that post --> https://jackal.livejournal.com/2202304.html

#2 - Standing in my shower with swim trunks on. Apparently gay men in swim trucks is a trigger for the Facebook Community reviewers (in whatever bigoted country they are in). Because here we go again. No nudity in the photo, and yet again, off to FB Jail for "nudity" EVEN THOUGH there's NO NUDITY in this photo. Again, the crime of being a gay man on Facebook... off to FB Jail again.

Here's that post --> https://jackal.livejournal.com/2206597.html