August 8th, 2021

How to play MTG: Arena full screen on a mac

1- By default MTG:Arena will not run full screen on a mac. You may only run it in a WINDOWED mode.

2- Most macs, when you go into the options for graphics in Arena do NOT have an option for full screen.

3- The hacks online to go into low resolution just double your screen resolution and do not actually take you into full screen.

4- So here's how I did it ( using these instructions -> ))

# this forces Arena into full screen mode on startup, set back to 3 to reset
# note that if you go into the Arena "Graphics" preference panel, it will reset all of these
# and you will need to run these commands again
defaults write com.wizards.mtga "Screenmanager Fullscreen mode" -integer 0

# replace 1792 and 1120 with your full screen resolution, or any scaled resolution your display supports
# to find the scaled resolutions, go to System Preferences --> Display
#defaults write com.wizards.mtga "Screenmanager Resolution Width" -integer 1792
#defaults write com.wizards.mtga "Screenmanager Resolution Height" -integer 1120

defaults write com.wizards.mtga "Screenmanager Resolution Width" -integer 1440
defaults write com.wizards.mtga "Screenmanager Resolution Height" -integer 900