Agnus Dei (jackal) wrote,
Agnus Dei

I created the Game Variant: Two-Headed Giant

I've always loved game mechanics.  I love thinking of new games to play and the process of creating them. 

Back in the 90's I played Magic.  And I thought of a new game variant that I wrote up and played with my friends.

The game variant was called "Two-Headed Giant."

I liked the game, so I went online and I published my game variant to multiple Magic forums, websites, and even to the Mtg group on livejournal.   That was during the 90's.

Now, today, this morning, I'm reading the newest rulebook for Magic the Gathering and notice there's a Game Variant  section of the rules, and there printed in the rule book is my Game Variant "Two-Headed Giant."   And it's almost word for word exactly the way I wrote it.   Players start with 30 life.  Players on the same team share turns and phases.  On and on, exactly the way I created it.

So they published my idea, which I had already published on the internet a decade ago.  And yet, they gave me no credit for it. 

I would have liked to have just gotten a credit for the game which I created.

(( Now I'm gonna have to go through and see if I can find all the original publications I did when I originally created this game variant. ))


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