Agnus Dei (jackal) wrote,
Agnus Dei



It's hard to critique a game that's both "free to download" and "free to play", BUT... I have to say, I'm not very impressed by NeverWinter. Coming off having played Guild Wars 2 it's hard not to see NeverWinter as a huge let down.

First off the graphics. The graphics in Guild Wars 2 were so beyond beautiful. I would often comment to Scott during a game, "Man the graphics in this game are beautiful." because it's true. It was stunning. Meanwhile over in Neverwinter... not so great.

Then the game play, I found the controls for NeverWinter very hard to get used to. I play on a laptop with a trackpad and no mouse. So NeverWinter was impossible for me to play. I had to get a Xbox360 controller for this and even still it was hard to get used to the controls. GW2 was simple, and easy to control and easy to target (a tab targetting system).

Thirdly, everything about Guild Wars 2 was so polished. Everything. It was a grind sure, but a very polished grind. NeverWinter feels unfinished (yes - I know it's in Open Beta, but still... it's far from polished.) And then the graphics of the inventory items. Man those are bad. You can't see what anything is.

I'm let down. I'll play, but disappointed. Comparing it to Guild Wars 2 - there's really no comparison. GW2 blows Neverwinter out of the water.

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