Agnus Dei (jackal) wrote,
Agnus Dei

Juggernaut: A Solitaire Game for Magic

I've always wanted a Solitaire game for Magic. And I've had many ideas on how to write one... so this might turn out to be complete twaddle... so here goes.


1- A 60 card deck for playing Magic
2- Dice - you'll need dice (d6's will do).

You are playing against an imaginary opponent. The opponent likes sending Juggernauts at you each turn. He keeps summoning more and more of them and they must attack each round. As per the card, Juggernauts are 5/3 artifact creatures that must attack each round and can not be blocked by walls. You may use face down card backs or dice to represent Juggernauts.


1- You start the game on your opponents turn. Roll the d6 to see what he does (see below).
2- Your opponent attacks each turn with all creatures he controls.
3- There is no limit to the number of Juggernaunts your opponent may summon.
4- Since your opponent must attack each round if able, he never has untapped creatures to block with. Unless you exchange control with his creatures (like with Switcheroo) in which case sacrifice all non-Juggernaunt creatures your opponent controls during his upkeep and replace each with a Juggernaunt.
5- All other rules of magic are the same. You both start the game with 20 life.

Roll a d6 to determine what your opponent does each turn.

1 or 2 - Your opponent puts a Juggernauts token creature into play. It is a copy of the card Juggernaunt except it is a token. It has summoning sickness.

3 or 4- Your opponent does no pre-combat action.

5- YOU PICK 1 from the following (if possible):
a)- Sacrifice an enchantment or artifact you control.
b)- Unsummon a creature you control.

6- YOU PICK 1 from the following (if possible):
a)- Sacrifice a creature you control. Take 4 damage.
b)- Destroy a non-basic land you control. Take 2 damage.
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