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Agnus Dei

How to report someone using your photo on Facebook (and get it removed in under 30 minutes)

I have to deal with people ripping off my photos and setting up fake accounts impersonating me all the time.  It happens at least once every 3 months.

Reporting the account through Facebook does nothing.

Getting your friends to report the account through Facebook, not only does nothing to help, it actually causes your message Inbox to go up because the reports go directly to you to "inform you" and not to Facebook.  So asking your friends to report the account does absolutely nothing helpful.

So here's the trick to get the account actioned and removed in under 30 minutes:  Act like you do NOT have a facebook account.  This will take the communication with support out of Facebook and into email, which means a real human has to review the report and that causes the account to get actioned.

So here are the steps:

Step 1:   Go to

Step 2: Select "How do I report a fake account that's pretending to be me if I don't have a Facebook account?"

Step 3: Click  "file a report."

Step 4: Fill out the report selecting options to say you do NOT have a facebook profile (even if you do).  Important:  Under Upload ID's submit a photo copy of your driver's license.

That's it.  Usually the account will be removed in under 30 minutes.

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