Fun with Die Stats

Is it possible to be in love with a website?  I think I'm in love with this website -> http://rumkin.com/reference/dnd/diestats.php

Try things like:

A) Testing the new DnD advantage/disadvantage system where you roll 2 d20 and keep the higher if you have advantage, or roll 2d20 and keep the lower if you have disadvantage.

* Advantage =  type "2d20D1" (Average = 13.82)

* Neither = type "d20" (Average = 10.5)

* Disadvantage = type "2d20P1" (Average = 7.17)

B) Or test the RATM (roll and take middle) system where you roll 3 d20 and keep the middle value.

* RATM = type "3d20D1P1" (Average = 10.5 again, but with a much tighter standard deviation)


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