Agnus Dei (jackal) wrote,
Agnus Dei

How to get your Vault Progress on a Mac or Linux box running MTG Arena under Wineskins:

I run MTG:Arena on my mac under Wineskins. It's flawless.

Anyhow, since MacOSX is really just BSD with a pretty GUI, I decided to make a simple command to get my Vault progress status.

So here it is:

$ find /Applications/ -name output_log* -exec grep vaultProgress\" {} \;  | tail -1
  "vaultProgress": 14.5,

That's it.

Here's another way if you want to parse it with jq, since it's returning in json (although it's json inside of a text blog):

$ find /Applications/ -name output_log* -exec grep -A28 "<== PlayerInventory.GetPlayerInventory" {} \; | tail -28 | jq .vaultProgress

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