Agnus Dei (jackal) wrote,
Agnus Dei

FB Feedback.

So I got a popup when one of my actions was blocked on FB to give feedback.  I typed up my reply and tried to submit it, but even my ability to submit feedback is blocked.....

Here's what I wrote up:

"I was wrongfully put in Facebook Jail because of a post i made about my own community.  I'm openly gay.  In the post I stated "#thegays" which I use to reference to the club scene gays, and later I said "the dumb gays" which I mean as the section of the gay community who are not smart.

Instead, someone misread those two and thought that I was speaking about the gay community in general and putting down gays as a whole which is completely incorrect.

I'm openly gay.  I'm gay myself.  I'm part of the gay community.

That said, either a human or a bot misunderstood this and flagged me as "Hate Speech" and because of COVID19 I don't have the ability to request an appeal. And so now.. I'm in Facebook Jail and my actions are blocked.

This is wrong.. 100% wrong.  Please fix this."

Tags: #thegays

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