Agnus Dei (jackal) wrote,
Agnus Dei

Words that will get you put in Facebook Jail

I wanted to start a list of words or phrases that will get you put in Facebook Jail:

1- "evil Christians" - Not all Christians are good people. There's a section of Christians who are not good people. They could even be called "evil people." But if you refer to this section of the Christian population as "evil Christians" you will be flagged for "hate speech" and put in FB jail.

2- "dumb gays" - Again, talking about a subset of the population. As with any group there's a section of gay culture that are just... well... how does one say it... just dumb... really really dumb. These are the catty gays... the druggie gays... the loser gays IMHO..., but if you refer to them as "the dumb gays" - yep - back to Facebook Jail you go for "hate speech." EVEN THOUGH you are not talking about the group as a whole, and EVEN THOUGH I was literally talking about a group (gays) that I'm personally a member of and by FB's own rules it's not "hate speech" if you are talking about a group that you are a member of.... but didn't matter to the FB censorship bots..... back to FB Jail....

3- "white trash" - yep... this is a common one. Apparently you can no longer say "white trash" on Facebook. I just had a friend of mine get put in FB jail for using the phrase "white trash" in a post. Off the FB Jail he went.

4- "boys stink" - You would think that would be an easy one and not cause any problems right? Wrong... not to the Facebook Bots.. that's gender bias to the FB bots. I know of at least one lesbian who was obviously being sarcastic and satirical when they wrote "boys stink" but the FB Censorship bots have no ability to detect satire... so off to FB Jail she went.

5- "men are trash".... One guy said, "I said men are trash but I wrote it out m*n and still got called out for hate speech." So even changing when changing the letters from "men" to "m*n" and he still got put in FB jail.

Add more in the comments please.

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