Agnus Dei (jackal) wrote,
Agnus Dei

On Cancel Culture: Why hasn't Disney been canceled?

(( I'm writing this over here on LJ because it has too many "keywords" that could trigger the Censorship Bots over on Facebook.  ))

On Cancel Culture:

It's well documented that Walt Disney was a Nazi.  A fact that Family Guy often lampooned.

It's also documented that during the "Red Scare" that Walt Disney turned over the names of his competitors in a vindictive move to remove his competition.  And it worked.   A pretty awful and unjust thing to do.

So given what a terrible person Walt Disney was (we could have just stopped at the fact that he was a Nazi supporter and attended pro-Nazi meetings),  why has Cancel Culture never set out to cancel Disney?

Is it simply because Walt Disney is dead, so Disney gets a pass?

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