The "too privileged to wear a mask" girl

I can't post this on Facebook because it has too many words in it that would trigger FB's censorship bots.

Tonight, before going to the gym, I stopped at the 7-11 to get an energy drink.  I'm wearing my mask as always.   I see inside at the counter are three blonde girls.  They look like they are about to hit Fort Lauderdale to party.  

One of  the three girls is not wearing any mask at all.  She's blonde with big _____, so she doesn't have to play by the rules right?  Female + blonde = privileged right?

Anyhow, she sees me in my mask and nudges one of her friends.  I'm waiting outside the door now.  I'm literally waiting for them to leave before I will enter.

The door opens, and the three walk past me and the one without the mask says, "I really like your mask."    GAME FUCKING ON — I think to myself, and quickly reply, "I wish you were wearing one."

Now at the time I said it I didn't think of it as a slam — as if to say "you are ugly, I wish were you wearing a mask" but I guess the other two girls took it that way and bust out a laugh as soon as I said that.

So the "too privileged to wear a mask" girl says and I'm now inside the store, and I can hear her trying to make a come back, "I don't even believe in all that."

I was so ready to respond with, "And the virus doesn't care how low your IQ is either."

Now busting her for not wearing a mask and being "too privileged to wear a mask" should have been enough for me, but for some reason this encounter really bothered me.  I can't believe there are kids like her out there who still just don't care.

PAR-TY right?  This is Fort Lauderdale — PAR-TY.   We are here to PAR-TY!  Right?

Stupid bitch.  Karma will find it's way back to you.  I hate people like her.


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